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What Deep-Ripping Entails

Deep-ripping is essential for compacted soil as it helps to break up compacted soil layer. Some of the essential factor that you need to look at when you choose deep-ripping to include soil moisture content, working depth, tyne spacing, timing, and the soil type. One thing that you need to know is that in any given season, different plants and soil will respond differently. You need to be aware that some grounds will do well while others will respond not so good. However when the response is good, its benefits will be witnessed for even more than three seasons.

There is the need to know that deep-ripping is needed where the roots need to grow deep to have access to the moisture in the subsoil. You need to know that deep-ripping may not be effective in cases where there are constraints in the soil below such subsoil salinity, acidity and poor structure. To ensure that you stabilize the subsoil, there is the need, in that case, to ensure that you add soil ameliorant such as lime. The process of injecting lime in an acidic subsurface soil is possible but difficult if the land is vast.

It is essential to know that grain yield responses to deep-ripping are reliable on deep sands and sandy grounds. This is especially when it is done in areas with medium and high rainfall. The benefits of deep-ripping can be felt even after three years depending on the soil type. There is the need to know that deep-ripping on grounds such as clay and loam may not be valid, and the benefits are not reliable. Most recent studies have shown that deep-ripping only works well when the soil is ripped, but two or three years later, the benefits start to decline.

Timing is essential when you want to do effective deep-ripping. There is the need to know that you need to ensure that you identify the best window of opportunity when there is moisture in the soil without compromising seeding. It is advisable to consider deep-ripping after seeding and time early enough to disturb plant establishment. It is also essential to ensure that you deep-rip in between the crop row and during the growing season. The other time that you can opportunistically deep-rip is after the significant out-of-season rains.

The main benefit of deep-ripping is that as a farmer you get increased yields. It is therefore necessary to ensure that you look for deep-ripping services.

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