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Every experience when working with refugees is a journey that marks a step in your life. However, many people are not prepared for the work and end up being frustrated in the end. Refugee work is a lifetime commitment that calls for total passion, endurance, and heart.

Dedication and commitment are important values when embarking on a refugee’s mission. It takes heart for one to be fully committed to working with refugees either as a career or personal obligation. Here are some tips to help you in getting acquainted with the refugee work.

1. Researching Refugee’s Country of Origin Information

There is a myriad of reasons why refugees are refugees. In case you are undertaking the obligation of working with refugees or have a career in this field, you should be prepared for this. It can sometimes be a bit complicated to stay updated on each detail pertaining to the refugees. This is especially with the ever-growing numbers of refugees marked with shifting people’s backgrounds, conflicts, and countries.

Dependent on your exact position at an organization, you should research the level of details for the countries of origin which might be different. However, despite your work at the refugee camp either, performing paperwork duties in an office, working between tents or spending your day at the camp, you must have some basic knowledge of the conflicts for the refugees.

2. Beginning with Zero Stereotypes

When working with different people from different parts of the world, it is common to run into different cultural differences. We all have our own forms of bias embedded in our brains for people around us. This is often as a result of our upbringing and the societal norms we have been accustomed to.
Even though we need to apply a bit of caution when working in our everyday life, this is especially when we are working in a multicultural environment made up of refugees.

More often than not, unconscious bias can manifest itself in less expected ways. This can be a manner in which we react to people’s greetings, how we pronounce the name of people correct to the way we highlight our differences.

3. Management of Expectations

As a humanitarian worker, we are chosen to take this path to our career. We all have the same heart of ending the suffering aced by refugees and changing the world. Even though this is the way to stay encourage and keep hope, things in the real world are really different. If things were good in the place, there would not be any refugees in the world.

It is good to stay to be dedicated to the world, but from time to time is good to stay clear of the realities of the world. The world cannot be changed in a single day. Therefore, it is important to manage your expectations of what you hope to achieve. Most refugees have already lost hope in life.

A change is created by forces behind you. This means policies created by power countries, shifts in regimes and governments and consensus of other people. There is much we can do, but others we leave for the world to sort out.

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